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Sports Injury Rehabilitation

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With any sport comes the risk of an injury. Sports injuries occur daily and range from minor to major injuries that could keep you from playtime. If you get an injury, it is important to have it checked right away to prevent further damage. This is where sports rehabilitation comes in to help. Sports rehabilitation is a type of physical therapy that treats people of all ages who have musculoskeletal system pain, injury, or illness. With the use of exercise, movement, and therapeutic interventions, sports rehabilitation helps maintain health and fitness and helps you recover from injury and reduce pain. At OPHA, our goal is to return patients to their highest level of function by focusing on biomechanics and exercise rehabilitation.
Sports Injury Rehabilitation Stages
  • Pain and Swelling Reduction

  • Improve Joint Mobility and Range of Motion

  • Regain Your Strength and Endurance

  • Increase Coordination Skills

  • Recovering Sports-Specific Movements

What to Expect
Your initial visit will feature an in-depth consultation interview and physical assessment. The physical assessment of the patient will conclude an appropriate diagnosis of the injury, factors predisposing the injury, and other health disorders that could be related. At OPHA, our physical therapists use clinical reasoning to create a tailored recovery plan to help you return to the highest level of function and physical activity. Sports rehabilitation will combine advice, education, and rehab into all the features of your daily life.