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Cancer Rehabilitation

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What is cancer rehabilitation?
Cancer rehabilitation is a doctor-supervised program for people who have undergone treatment for cancer. It is designed to help patients return to activities of daily living. People who have survived cancer may have physical, emotional, and social issues that affect their quality of life, no matter what kind of cancer they have been treated for. Cancer rehabilitation programs can often improve function, reduce pain, and improve the well-being of cancer survivors.
Thanks to advances in research and technology, many cancer survivors are living longer, healthier lives than ever before. However, it's still common for many people to experience side effects following surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or other cancer treatments, including:
  • Fatigue

  • Memory issues

  • Issues with range of motion

  • Tightening of skin from radiation

  • Swelling or edema in limbs

  • Sleep problems

  • Joint pain, numbness, or tingling

  • Weakness

  • Problems with balance

  • Swallowing issues